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When children and young people have problems at school or at home, those problems can’t just be addressed at one end: they require an integrated approach which involves all affected parties. Wherever extra support and intervention is needed, we offer a team of dedicated school & family social-work professionals.

Our social workers provide a responsive school- and parish-based approach to delivering advice and support to children, young people and their families, both in school and/or at home. We also deliver practical support to schools and their individual members of staff.

The facts & figures: 2014

In 2014, we supported pupils and staff across 56 schools, thanks to the work of 20 school social workers. We took 1,590 student referrals, delivering 14,614 one-on-one sessions with children & young people and individually supporting 92 school staff. We made 214 home visits and were involved with 167 child protection cases. Each week, we delivered 70.5 days of social work.

A bespoke approach

Every child is unique, but so is every school. That’s why we work closely with schools’ senior leadership teams to deliver a bespoke model in each school or academy. This enables us to tailor our approach in each individual setting.

Person-centred but in partnership

We want to make a positive difference in the life of every child or young person we support, which requires seeing them as individuals and really hearing them. We also work closely in partnership with the people around them, including their family members, teachers and other services. This enables us to ensure the best possible standard of support and care for the young people’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

The individual & the group

We provide a one-to-one service with individuals in need, but we also deliver proactive services which regularly engage young people in group work. This is designed to shed light on unidentified situations and to help prevent crises occurring in the first place. We address challenging issues such as anger management, bereavement, relationship problems, bullying, exam stress, and the transition to secondary school. We also encourage peer mentoring.


Our hands-on involvement means we can highlight young people’s issues at an early stage, enabling them to access additional services and support. We also offer safeguarding supervision and support to head teachers and school staff. Our effective ‘early warning’ network ensures that safeguarding issues are appropriately redirected to children’s social-care services.

Crisis support

In the event of a major crisis within a school, we are able to rapidly deploy a highly professional team of support for students, staff and families. In 2014, we worked with the local authority to provide support at a secondary school which was affected by a major crisis. The school’s headmaster acknowledged the way our crisis team just arrived each day and ‘got on with the job’.