A Great British Holiday

On Monday 10th August spirits were high and there was great excitement at the Charity’s Leeds children’s home as the young people set off for a week’s holiday in Filey. After a picnic lunch on route, the first stop in Filey was the beach and of course a dip in the sea to test the temperature Brrrrrrrr!. The young people were all eager to explore their holiday house and once settled in enjoyed traditional fish and chips.
Tuesday was another fun packed day with a trip to Whitby. At the harbour the young people enjoyed crabbing with some success and then off to the beach again before returning to the holiday house for a picnic.
Wednesday saw a trip to Scarborough with more beach activity and a visit to the castle before returning to the holiday house for a final time to enjoy a take away.
A great traditional British holiday, happy memories made and enjoyed by all.