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Canon Maguire Remembered

On 16 June, to mark the anniversary of Canon Maguire’s ordination, members of his family joined the parishioners of St John the Baptist in Normanton, Canon’s final parish before retirement, to dedicate the statue of St John the Baptist to their former Parish Priest. Canon Sean Durkin spoke movingly about his friend of 60 years and how he had touched the lives of so many, including a young girl who had been in care at Catholic Care. The Mass was attended by Carol Hill (Director of Catholic Care) and Marie Meegan (Domically Care Manager) who had been part of the team providing care and support to Canon Maguire as part of Catholic Care’s Service to Retired Clergy across the Diocese.
Canon Maguire started his official association with Catholic Care in 1982 when he was appointed Administrator (CEO), following in the very large footsteps of Mgr. John Murphy. In reality, his actual association with the Charity had begun well before this date when he was recruited by his predecessor to preach around the Diocese for donations and volunteers.

He continued in the role of Administrator for 10 years and oversaw major changes in the services delivered by Catholic Care. The 1980s were a time of great change in the care of children and Canon Maguire had the unenviable task of closing down a number of residential children’s homes as the care of children moved out into the community. Canon was also visionary and saw the opportunity presented by the Care in the Community Act to open small group homes for adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues. It was at this time that the Charity changed its objectives to not only care for children, but adults as well. These services continue successfully today.

Canon Maguire handed over the reigns of Catholic Care in 1990 to Stuart Hanlon yet still remained involved, offering his experience and energies in the role of Trustee, a role he finally stepped down from in 2016.