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Christmas Vouchers for Families

Christmas is a time for celebration, but it can also put additional financial pressures on families and we knew that this was even more likely to be felt much more strongly this year due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In November we tasked our social work team who work in over 60 schools in the diocese to talk to their schools, to identify families who were vulnerable, who were facing challenges like irregular work patterns and insecure employment, or families where the financial and emotional strain of trying to meet their child’s needs through this year has been such a barrier to their everyday lives.

We wanted these families to know we care. So, with Christmas approaching fast, Michelle at Head office was determined and delighted to send out a supermarket voucher to 95 families to enable them to buy the food and essentials they needed to make their Christmas special for them and hopefully ease some of those pressures at the end of a tough year.

The issue of food poverty is one that has rightly been in the news throughout the pandemic and we remain determined that no child should go hungry in our diocese.

During the past few months the Charity’s community team have built up fantastic partnerships that have enabled us to support families through our community markets, they are continuing to operate throughout this lockdown in the 11 schools to ensure that families have access to food and wider support should they need it.