Dignity – a poem for National Poetry Day


What does it mean?
To be asked and respected and even been seen?
Do you know who I am, how I feel or my name?
Do you see me as vulnerable, old, or, in emotional pain?

I have a voice, a mind and a soul
Do YOU care what I think, can YOU help me be whole?

I am able to think, choose and desire
Whatever I do, I aim to aspire
Be it large or small goals they ARE important to me
So, don’t be afraid to ask, you see,
WITH your support, your care and your smile
I will feel valued, cared for with a happy lifestyle.

Just suppose, it was you sitting here,
How would you feel – would you feel fear?
Would you want people kind, caring and true?
People around to make time for you?

Don’t assume I don’t understand, please
Include ME, in decisions being planned.
Greet me, acknowledge me, and know my name
Nurture and care is all I need NOT blame
I need a person whom I trust and respect, then I will know that I am blessed.