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Hopes & Dreams come true for one of our school pupils

For the pupils in Yr 3 at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School in Huddersfield, their LO (Learning Objective) for this particular RE lesson in July, was ‘To reflect on our hopes and dreams’. Each pupil came up with some wonderful ideas but Kion Holroyds work really struck a chord with the Catholic Care worker in school as Kion’s reply read:

‘My hopes and dreams for myself are I can be a part of the Catholic Care’

Kion had been on his first visit St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds back in May, as part of the Good Shepherd Service and we think this may have set the seed for his future ambitions. With this new revelation, we set about making some of his dreams come true and he was a special guest at our recent Annual Meeting on November 5th, in Leeds. Kion was eager to help out in any way and armed with his clipboard and list of tasks for the day, he proved to be a true ambassador. He helped to set up some displays at the meeting venue, he was given the task of meeting and greeting the various professionals, trustees, service users and volunteers. He spoke publicly about his RE work and after having his photograph taken with Bishop Marcus Stock, he asked for his autograph on a photograph taken back in May at the Good Shepherd Service.

Kion’s work had not finished yet as we still had to tidy up after the meeting and there was a collection of clothes waiting to be picked up in Brighouse, for the Gianna Project. His hard work was rewarded with a stop off for dinner at his favourite eating place, KFC.

Since returning to school, Kion has been a bit of a celebrity as he shared his ‘Awesome day’ with his peers and teaching staff. He is keen to continue supporting Catholic Care as his class prepare to promote the Gianna Christmas Appeal “When a Child is Born” throughout the school. We are also planning on making links with our Catholic Care Luncheon group for older people, which takes place in Kion’s neighbourhood.

I am hoping that this will just be the start of a very bright future for this young man. Well done to Kion as he likes to remind me that he has ‘made history’ by being the youngest person to speak at our Annual Meeting. Maybe he has set a precedent for future meetings.