‘Inspiring people, despite adversity’

Since 1992 the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is recognised on 3 December around the world. This year’s theme focused on inclusivity and runs alongside the pledge to “leave no one behind”.

On Wednesday 4 December 2019 Catholic Care took part in an event in the Brodrick Hall at Leeds City Museum to celebrate the everyday achievements of people with disabilities in Leeds. Who better to share thoughts and experiences on behalf of the Charity than its very own recipients of care and support services. Caroline and Rob helped to showcase their achievements, share their frustrations, highlight barriers and make recommendations to ensure better outcomes for people with a disability living in Leeds. A particular highlight for Caroline was to share her personal achievements of reaching for the stars with her paragliding exploits with Councillor Kevin Ritchie a champion in Leeds City Council for disability. To say he was amazed by her achievements is probably an understatement!