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International day for older persons – 1 October

International day for older persons began back in 1990 when the United Nations recognised the significance that older people contribute to and have a voice that is relevant in today’s Society.

The day is celebrated internationally on 1st October and events take place where older people are involved and celebrated for all there wisdom and life long contribution to society. We, who work closely alongside older people, look at ways of reducing the loneliness and isolation that some older people experience. Those who are and feel vulnerable can lose confidence in the everyday, small activities become huge and sometimes difficult to achieve, supporting people to achieve their potential, to find their voice, express themselves, and champion their human rights, that they remain valid within society today is all we aim to achieve within our projects.

On this 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the United Nations International Day for Older Persons (UNIDOP) celebrates the importance of this Declaration, and reaffirms the commitment to promoting the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by older persons

Growing older does not diminish a person’s inherent dignity and fundamental rights

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream – CS Lewis

In our Older People’s Groups in Huddersfield & Bradford each person has their own dreams and goals. It could be a huge achievement or something very small but significant to the individual. For some, just attending one of our groups is a big achievement after maybe a bereavement or other change of circumstances in their life.
This Monday is International Older Persons Day and It’s time to celebrate! To celebrate, those still dreaming dreams, and still setting goals. Our lunch and friendship groups are a hive of activity each week, serving the diverse needs of our older peoples groups. This week in our Bradford sessions the group members were asked why they thought the groups were a good idea and here are some of the responses that were received:
The group is a wonderful social opportunity to meet up with like minded people, young at heart and full of knowledge and fun. We share experiences, joyful, sorrowful and informative things.
living on my own it’s nice to come and meet lots of friendly people
it’s here where many friendships start

Nobody said dreams had to be massive or goals huge! We need to take each day as it comes and celebrate the little things. So, just for one day let’s celebrate our older folks!!