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Learning Disability Week 2020 – Feeling Good

During learning disability week a theme in one of our Learning Disability homes was “Feeling Good”. Two of the ladies continued with their nature project by making a scrap book with pictures of animals found in our garden, they have both really enjoyed this project and it is something that they will continue beyond this week.
Digital support was offered to one person who was setting up the new residents I pad, Frank found this quite remarkable , especially when he was able to join a zoom meeting later in the day and speak and see friends that he knew, fantastic.
Mindfulness sessions were delivered each day, lasting for around 10-15 minutes. One member of staff said! I have found that people really get a lot out of this and again it is something that we will continue to do.
We have had our stretching and exercise sessions daily. One person particularly love this and gives himself a big clap when he has completed the exercises, those that join in love it.
We have also had mindful colouring sessions each day, Ann, Caroline and Paul have enjoyed these as well.