Marking the 106th Day for Migrants and Refugees (Sunday 27 September, 2020)

Father in Heaven, look down in mercy. Remember our sisters and brothers caught up in the destitution of refugee camps.
Remember all those who are afflicted with the double burden of a Covid infection.
Remember those who are forced to leave their homes and livelihoods as a result of conflict, poverty and climate change.
Remember the suffering of those who attempt dangerous sea crossings.
Remember their cries of anguish of those who risk their lives trying to flee danger and persecution.
Remember the cries of children who have no parents to care for them.
Remember the cries of parents whose children are lost during journeys that started in hope .
Remember the cries of those who are persecuted and massacred for their beliefs.
Remember all those who come to their aid and promote messages of tolerance and understanding in an unforgiving world
Remember those who harden their hearts with a misplaced understanding of what is right for their community and country.
Remember all those who are excluded and left destitute leading to the loss of their dignity and humanity.
Remember the sufferings of all those who are abused and sold into slavery on their journey to freedom.
Remember the vulnerable who are robbed of their dignity and humanity as they are trafficked by unscrupulous men.
Remember all politicians and influencers, that they may encourage all to recognise the common humanity of those crossing borders and value the contributions that they bring.
Remember those who are rejected and deported in the name of ‘justice’ or ‘fairness’.
Remember the families who are separated in the struggle to find sanctuary.
Remember all those who have no access to food, shelter, education or employment.
And remember and be present to those whose only wish to is to live their lives in dignity, in peace and in hope.
We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ your Son, who walked alongside the least of our brothers and sisters.
(By Ben Bano)