Mental Health Awareness Week

Celebrate Kindness


Monday was the start of Mental Health Awareness week.
The Mental Health Foundation initially had the theme “Sleep” for this year but then changed it to “Kindness” to reflect the significance of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Mental Health Foundations’ Chief executive Mark Rowland said
“Wisdom from every culture across history recognises that kindness is something that as human beings we need to experience and practice to be fully alive”

Kindness Matters! Especially during troubled times.
We see many acts of kindness all the time in our daily work and lives but this week is an opportunity to reflect and show how we can be a little kinder during this challenging time, both to ourselves and others.
To help us the great team at MindWell Leeds have produced a week of kindness planner that we can all follow each day .

Here are some suggestions.

Monday’s focus – Be kind to your mind
Tuesday’s focus – Be Kind to your body
Wednesday – Talk kindly to yourself
Thursday – Spread kindness
Friday – Be kind and generous to others – it makes you feel good!
Saturday – Be kind to the world
Sunday – Be kind every day