Mental Health is now the area of most public concern within the NHS

A recent report in the Guardian based on research by Healthwatch England revealed the mental health has become the area of NHS and social care the public most worry about and want improved, with delays in getting treatment and too little support for people in need their main concerns.

The research revealed a huge unmet need and that some people needing mental health care had very poor experiences of the NHS including delays in accessing support, too little treatment and difficulties in getting GPs to understand their condition and refer them for help.

Alastair Bart, the community and social care minister, said that the government had increased the NHS budget for mental health to £11.7bn – the largest ever. The forthcoming report from the mental health taskforce that NHS England set up, due to be published in early 2016, will bring “real change in prevention, mental health promotion and improved access to services and crisis care” said Dr Geraldine Strathdee, NHS England’s’ national clinical director for mental health.

At Catholic Care we recognise there are so many with mental health issues and respond to their need through:

  • Accommodation based services supporting adults through a recovery programme back to being valued members of the community.
  • Our qualified social workers and councillors in the School & family Social Work service support children and young people.
  • Older people living with dementia are welcomed and supported at our older people’s community groups.