Refugee ReSETTLEment Community Sponsorship

On Tuesday 12 February 2019, Carol Hill (Director of Catholic Care) visited the Refugee ReSETTLEment Community Sponsorship group in Settle. The group has worked very hard since they formed last summer on the different areas required by the scheme. These include:

  • Fundraising – a group member, Chris Beesley, ran across the 3 Peaks on his 67th birthday in freezing temperatures.
  • Finding a property as a home for the family – the group is hopeful they have now ticked this box as a poster at the local station asking for help was responded to.

On Tuesday Carol met Jonathan Spence, from North Yorkshire County Council who is very supportive of the group and will need to sign off the plan, and Hussain, who is the group’s chief interpreter originating in the Lebanon.

Carol then met the safeguarding group to discuss requirements and training.

The group is currently drafting their application to the Home Office and are looking forward to welcoming their refugee family hopefully later in the summer.