Volunteer Week 2020


In June each year we are reminded of all the good that is undertaken by our Volunteers at Catholic Care. So, during Volunteer week it is a time to celebrate and recognise the contributions made by our volunteers. After reflecting this year, we feel it is appropriate to say a huge Thank You to each and every one. 2020 has been especially challenging and with various groups and clubs being suspended for the past 3 months we are unable to bring people together to celebrate.
This year we are focusing on responding to the Coronavirus. As always, our volunteers have stepped up without hesitation and adapted in order to continue the valuable support they give. They have maintained connections whether through phone calls, Zoom meetings or WhatsApp groups, allowing for people to feel they are still part of the group they attended and more importantly that they haven’t been forgotten or ‘lost’ in the weeks of lockdown and for some, Shielding.
We have also had a number of people looking to give their time and energy during the Coronavirus Pandemic, people who want to help and who want to make a difference within their communities alongside supporting Catholic Care. These people are now our Community Response Helpers and are providing practical support to those who are vulnerable and unable to leave their homes during this most difficult time, reinforcing the belief in the human spirit, thank you, we really appreciate all you are doing.