Record Numbers at Community Market

In mid-September Catholic Care's Community Market in Wibsey helped a record number of households. Whilst we don't want to celebrate the fact that so many people are in need, we believe the community ethos underpinning the Market is worth celebrating.

Catholic Care runs a number of Community Markets which our Director, Carol, calls ‘foodbanks with dignity’ because: they offer a range of healthy fresh produce in addition to preserved goods; customers don’t have to be referred or prove they’re in need; they can choose what items they want; and they can make a donation towards costs if they wish.

Sue Parsons, Community Sponsorship Coordinator, writes:

On Wednesday 13th September, the Community Market at St. Winefride’s in Wibsey helped a record number of households: 68!

56 people attended and we also made up 12 food parcels for people to take to their neighbours who couldn’t attend.

It was really busy, but also had a great atmosphere as our customers enjoyed a warm drink and a chat with each other, and could seek advice from Keelie our Family Support Worker and Ardil from the Department of Work and Pensions.

And, of course, there was Sandra and Maria’s pre-loved clothes stall to have a look at!