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Fundraising for a charity you care about can add an important extra dimension to your life. It’s a chance to spend time with others, having fun while knowing you’re helping people in need.

Whatever your plan, we can provide information and support to help you reach your target.


Raised at the Christmas Party in 2018

How to get started

Thank you for considering fundraising for us. You could join in one of our 3 Annual Appeals, or you could set up your own activity or event. It could be something as simple as a cake sale or bookstall, or you might want to organise a sponsored event with a group of friends.

Our Appeals

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Planning your event

Once you know what you’ll be doing, plan it carefully. It’s a good idea to talk to anyone you might know who has fundraised in the past, as they could suggest things you haven’t thought of yet.

  • Have you contacted Catholic Care for any advice and support you might need? (We can also put your event on our website and Facebook page)
  • Have you booked everything you might need – such as a venue?
  • Have you created eye-catching publicity materials?
  • Have you allowed enough time to do publicity?
  • Where will you publicise your event?
  • Will you need any volunteers?
  • Have you used social media to tell everyone what you’re doing?
  • Have you told your local newspapers and radio stations?

The money side

Make sure you’ve got all your bases covered so people find it easy to donate to you:

  • Have you set a target which is challenging but achievable?
  • How will people give you money?
  • Will you need our sponsorship forms?
  • Will you need charity donation buckets? They’re available on auction websites.
  • If you’re selling things, have you organised a float?
  • Could local businesses, your employer and especially banks can match the donations you receive?
  • How will you keep the money safe until you send it to us?

Paying in what you raised

To send us the money you raised, you can choose to:

  • Post a cheque or postal order to Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds), 11 North Grange Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 2BR
  • Use our own PayPal Giving Fund page

Please let us know if you need a receipt showing how much you paid to us.