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A remarkable two-way relationship connects Catholic Care with local churches around our diocese. The churches support our work financially, and in turn we use the funds raised to help people identified locally as being in need.

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Connecting to people in need

The close relationship we have with parishes means we can be informed quickly and easily when someone in need of our care and support is identified.

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Talks & presentations

We’re very happy to keep parishes updated by coming in to give talks and presentations about our work. These might strike a chord with someone, and encourage them to work or volunteer for us.

Parish link volunteers

Would you consider being a parish link volunteer? You’ll be our local point of contact, enabling Catholic Care to develop a presence in your area. Initially, we’ll send you information (such as posters and newsletters to distribute), and ask you to assist with collecting for our Annual Appeal.

These small tasks make a huge difference to the support, goodwill and money we raise, which in turn increase the care and support we can provide to the most vulnerable in society.


Local parishes make a huge difference to our work, thanks to the time and energy they put into fundraising on our behalf – particularly through our annual appeals.

Annual Appeals