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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering for a charity like Catholic Care is a great thing to do. There are so many advantages – not just for us and the people we support, but for you, too!

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I have learnt so many new skills since becoming a volunteer.

– Young volunteer.

What would you do?

We have certain roles which can be filled by volunteers, and after that it depends on your interests and skills. For example, you might help with organising seasonal activities, or with craft or exercise groups, or simply spend time befriending or supporting someone. You might have particular talents you could offer, such as administration or a job-related skill.

How much time would you give?

You can give as little as an hour, or substantially more. Why not call us for a no-obligation chat about what you have in mind?

Great reasons to volunteer!

  • It makes a difference in other people’s lives
  • It can give you a real sense of satisfaction and achievement
  • It can help you to learn new skills
  • It means meeting all sorts of new people
  • It can help to meet the requirements of certain courses
  • It can enhance your CV

Ready to apply?

Volunteers are vital to the smooth running of our Charity. Becoming a volunteer with us may be a challenge, but is sure to be very rewarding!

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