Catholic Care | About us


Who we are

Our charity was founded in 1863, towards the end of the industrial revolution and in the aftermath of a period of unprecedented growth in Leeds.

The Victorian era was a golden age for the city in many ways, but it wasn’t without its growing pains – which were becoming difficult to ignore. We were founded and continue to be run on Christian principles, but our services are available to all.

We care for people of all faiths or no faith at all, and our staff are not required to share our founding beliefs.


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Social justice & professionalism

Our genuine care and concern for the disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised in society spring from the social teachings of the Catholic Church. The way we deliver our services, on the other hand, springs from the highest standards of professional care. We invest heavily in our services and in staff training, and we are regulated and inspected by all of the relevant regulatory bodies.

Focus on the positives

Rather than dwelling on the negatives of a person’s situation, we focus on what can be achieved by them and for them. We support people in moving towards greater independence, self-reliance and optimism. We want everyone to reach their own potential, and we’ll provide practical and emotional support to help them get there.

Time to care

We are a charity, not a profit-driven business or a statutory agency. The way we are funded and organised, and the priorities of our trustees and stakeholders, make it possible for us to invest more time with the people we care for. Instead of a ‘5-minute visit’ to prompt an older person to take their medication, for example, we can sit and have a cup of tea with her and ask them if she needs anything while we’re there.

Staff who really care

We take considerable time and care over the recruitment and training of our teams, which is why our staff retention is so high. The people we choose have a real concern for the vulnerable and find great satisfaction in helping to make a difference in their lives. We also provide opportunities for our staff to achieve the highest levels of qualifications.

Preventing or managing crises

Wherever possible, we work to prevent crises. Our schools, children and family well-being service works to prevent family breakdowns, for example. We also help children and young people handle issues such as bullying, separations and bereavement in a way that does not prevent them from reaching their potential.