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Our Community projects are based within the Diocese of Leeds and vary from Stay and Play groups and Gianna Baby Bank to Older People’s Lunch Groups and everything in between.

We aim to provide a holistic approach, providing family support work, social work and nutritional coaching and with our person-centred approach accommodate the needs of the service users in the community.

We have helped over 1000 expectant and new mums and their families.

Our services

Catholic Care | Gianna: Baby Bank Plus

Gianna: Baby Bank

Gianna offers confidential one-to-one support and advice to women and girls during and beyond pregnancy.

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Catholic Care | Community | Sponsorship for Refugees

Community Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a unique opportunity for communities to welcome and resettle refugee families.

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Catholic Care | Older People's' Services | Community Groups

Older People’s Community Groups

We believe it’s important for older people to be able to maintain their independence in their own homes with dignity and a sense of fulfilment.

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Catholic Care | Nutrition and Mindfulness

Nutrition and Mindfulness

Our Nutritional Advisor and Coach provides information about the science of food to help people make a better choices.

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Catholic Care | Community Markets

Community Markets

Unlike other food bank type operations, our customers don’t have to prove that they need us, they don’t need to be referred to us and they are not expected to pay.

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Catholic Care | Caritas Leeds

Caritas Leeds

Catholic Care will provide a forum for representatives of parish projects involved in charitable outreach to collaborate within the Diocese.

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